Welcome on the english version of my website !

You may find here some of my creations for what is now the Enemy Engaged universe, but also other work like model kits or toy repairing.
And if you like it, you'll see some parts of my own proder collection !
Hope you'll enjoy all this stuff !

What's new ?

A new custom in the Enemy Engaged section :

1/60 Crusher-1 !!

5 new custom resin kits in the Macross section :

              SF-3A Lancer II

              Monster SD 

              Phalanx SD
              Tomahawk SD

              Glaug SD

2 new customs in the 12" figures :

              Headpool !!!
              Dogpool !!!

A new realization in the GK section :
              Lagann & Simon

And an update in the Aircraft section : 

              1/48 F-117A finished !

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You'll access tutorials and reviews in french, too !