Japan Tours Festival 2017

Making the official displays for the coming of Shoji KAWAMORI & Shinji ARAMAKI

I have been contacted by the organization of this event, via my friend Yvan West Laurence, to lend a part of my collection and of my dioramas, for both Macross and Mospeada universes, in order to make a beautiful display for the two special guests that were invited this year.


Just talking of Sensei Shinji ARAMAKI and Sensei Shoji KAWAMORI.


Just talking about the two Masters who created almost 80% of the animes I love and the robots I collect... !!!



Pick up some materials, some light custom works to show up, and all you can make fit inside the small displays of the VINCI Conference Center of the city of Tours...


I made also with others collectors goodies, so that the displays were consequently full... and despite of that, I had to fill them with more goodies during the event, as M KAWAMORI brought us some, as well as there were some more to show in M ARAMAKI display.


Here are some shots of those displays, as I managed to put one of my dioramas inside the main one and the other in a display on a stand nearby, held by good friends.


M ARAMAKI's display

M KAWAMORI's display

This event was one-of-its-kind, because the two Masters had never been together on a scene, talking about Mecha-Design !


The Conferences they gave were astonishing, they talked about anything with such humanity, simplicity and charism...
That were really some great moments !

We learnt a lot of interesting things about the genesis of Macross and Mospeada, and all other anime they've worked on.

Truly interesting, I could have listened to them during hours...

Like always, there were sign-up sessions, on the first day (friday) there wasn't so much people, so I took my chance, and had the pleasure to receive thousands things more than I could imagine.

I had not brought the boxes with most of my collection toys, but I managed to get an artbook and a Garland in its box signed by Master ARAMAKI !

Master KAWAMORI signed the 2 dioramas I managed to bring there, my UN Spacy helmet from MASEI, an artbook on Macross Plus and a VF-1S in its box !

And always with kindness and making them available to take pictures with them. True fandom moments !


I swear that I won't forget those three days for all my lifetime...

And what to say about the ending of the sunday - last minutes after people were getting out, the event was over - and Master KAWAMORI came to thank me for the display and we had some exchange about my collection - I was soooo honoured  when he took a picture with me and my VF-1Z custom !


I wished M ARAMAKI could have done the same and come to talk to me, but no matter, it will be next time !